*** All services are available in-person at our Woodlands location or online.***

Dyslexia Services

Dyslexia & Educational Assessments

Dyslexia Therapy (click on program for more details)


School and Educational Services

Read Frog’s Hopper Institute (RFHI)

The Hopper Institute is Micro-Schooling model that integrates project-based learning for students seeking an alternative schooling method. We utilize curriculums that are scientifically based and meet National and State Standards. Our class groupings remain small so that we are able to best help our students succeed and thrive. Our school days are flexible to meet the individual needs of each of our students whether your child is a student athlete, artist, dancer, world traveler, or just needs a different schooling option. The Hopper Institute offers art classes and community volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Email us for more information and pricing.

Academic Tutoring

Summer Programs

Summer Book Club Group

For 50 minutes each day, our exciting Book Club groups will incorporate fun, project-based activities and book study, that aim to build a student’s:
Our Book Club groups are reserved for Students entering 3rd-4th Grade and Students entering 5-8th Grade. (minimum student enrollment: 3)

Schedule: Cost: $300 per student per session

Early Readers Group

Read Frog is committed to helping our early readers build and maintain their foundational reading skills. Our Early Readers group will offer small group instruction “in-person” at our office. The focus of the Early Readers group is to use hands on, multi-sensory methods to encourage and build a student’s:
For 30 minutes each day, our Early Readers groups will engage in hands on, multi-sensory activities to build essential reading skills. Our Early Readers group is reserved for students entering 1st and 2nd Grade. (minimum student enrollment: 3)

Schedule: Cost: $300 per student per session